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Its been a super busy week in the WildStar world and as usual, we’re here to keep you up to date if you’ve missed anything.

First up is the biggest news this week, that WildStar is now in Open Beta until the 18th May. You don’t have to buy the game and anyone is free to jump online and try it out. Alongside the Open Beta announcement, Carbine have unleashed their Open Beta launch trailer. It’s probably the best they’ve released but also has a much more mature tone. The serious edge really spells out how Carbine mean business and how they’re really attempting to push the story of why we’re all on Nexus.

If you can pull yourself away from the Open Beta, there was an awesome Twitch stream from Carbine yesterday covering some of the following:

  • “We have the best damn MMO that’s you’re going to play this year. Period. End.” – Mike Donatelli
  • “If you are going to sell an MMO for the box price with a $15 subscription you got to give them the value. Month after month we will release more content for every play style.” – Mike Donatelli
  • “We have an entire expansion worth of content that we plan to launch over the next 12 months,” Mike Donatelli
  • “We have a whole zone that’s coming in the very first patch post-launch,” Mike Donatelli
  • “Best Housing of any MMO, ever,” Matt Mocarski
  • “We are the first ever MMO to do mount customizations (we have hoverboards in the game if you didn’t know),” Matt Mocarski
  • “The 40 man Raid is bat [email protected]# insane,” Mike Donatelli
  • “We definitely have the best Raids of any MMO,” Stephan Frost

On top of that, there’s a mammoth LiveStream going to happen today from 11pm PST (that’s 7pm BST) over on their official Twitch. The Twitch stream will see everyone on the dev team back featuring a slew of content. On the Twitch will be Jeremy Gaffney, executive producer, talking about the challenges Carbine have had to overcome since the beginning to get this game ready for launch on June 3. As well as that, there will also be play-by-play of some exciting raids and Warplot activity, a sneak peek into higher level Open Beta content and some post launch content gameplay.

Alongside the Open Beta launch, there’s a reasonably sized amount of patch notes to accompany it as well as details emerging on name reservation (thanks Hidden Arena).

Where community projects are concerned, there’s a great new Nexus Hub live over on WildStar Fans. The video generally takes a look at all things happening in WildStar from a fan and player perspective and is well worth a watch.

WildStar Report have a competition at the moment where they’re giving away a Rowsder Plushie (awesome!). Who doesn’t want one?

I started a topic over on Reddit today about buffs and debuffs on the user interface and how they’re difficult to read and understand. It’s currently sitting at the top of the Reddit “HOT” list, so join in the discussion and let me know your thoughts! Hopefully the devs are listening.

Here’s an awesome website: Jabbithole. It’s a bit like a Curse database that contains all you’ll need to know about items, achievements and much more. It really think this project deserves some support from all the community.

Lastly, if you have decided to buy WildStar and notably the the starter edition you can now upgrade to the Deluxe edition. You can find details here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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