There’s plenty of news about WildStar over at Gamescom. For a title that’s only just launched Carbine really are ramping up their content creation as well as bug squashing.

First on the list are the official Shades Eve screenshots. These are, as you might have guessed, for Halloween. The annual scare-people-while-eating-candy holiday season is a big event in most massively multiplayer games and it appears WildStar will be no exception. WildStar is a beautiful game (one of the finest in the genre I think) and it’s clear from the screenshots that despite some being low quality, the majority look brilliant and I can’t wait to see them on maximum settings.

Alongside the Shades Eve screenshots there’s some images for the new Icebox Arena. Based across multiple levels it’s looking pretty bloody awesome. I’m a huge fan of Arena but the current one is quite old now but also doesn’t lend itself well for all classes. Close quarter fighters really excel while ranged, especially Spellslingers and Engineer end up face-tanking the entire time. The new Arena looks like the multiple layers will add the possibility of 5 versus 5 teams.

If you are at Gamescom, you’ll be lucky enough to obtain some unique furniture and a top hat. Hopefully these items will be available to players who weren’t lucky to attend. Over on WildStar Report they’ve a whole host of screenshots for the items.

Outside of Gamescom there’s news on the next content patch, Defile. The latest set of notes are large and provide a whole host of changes including some pretty awesome things for Medics. As a lover of the class, the Field changes are brilliant. I’ve managed to test them on the Public Test Realm this afternoon and they’re a significant improvement on what we have. A Damage Over Time build for many Assault skills might just be viable.

Lastly, there’s been a couple of posts now about Rune changes. The changes are quite significant and will ensure that there’s many more viable Rune configurations for classes instead of just relying on the most powerful few (Fire/Fushion/Omni). Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Rune Changes can be read on the official forums here. I’ll forewarn, they take a lot to digest properly so put some time aside before you dive in.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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