Carbine Studios is looking for some WildStar feedback and they’ve got a rewarding new way to get it. This week’s WildStar Wednesday announced Arkfall 2013, the first of a series of events in which Carbine Studios will be inviting between 30-40 members of the community to come down and test out certain features of WildStar, provide feedback, and engage the developers in panel discussions.

The blog seems to indicate that the first group has already been selected for this event, but more will be taking place throughout the year. Carbine provided a few simple tips for those that may be hoping to be selected for a future event.

If you are wondering how you make this list, the first step is to get involved in your own way. Are you an artist? Are you a writer? Are you a guild leader? Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Are you someone that has a particular concern about the way we are approaching your favorite feature? Then share your art, lead your guild, help all those new WildStar fans that will be arriving in droves, or take some time to share your thoughts about WildStar features.

Aside from that, they suggest just finding another way to make a positive impact on the WildStar community.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Now Boarding for Arkship 2013

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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