WildStar Wednesday returns this week to lay out all the latest changes to WildStar during its ongoing beta. This week’s blog details what’s being done to make the leveling experience less boring, something that Lewis B. touched on during in his Eurogamer Expo 2013 preview. Part of this change includes a new Level Up interface to let players know if it’s worth making a trip back to town to train those new skills.

“By making what you've unlocked much clearer, leveling up feels much more like a celebration, and less like a paralyzing choice of what to do or where to go next.”

The Ability Loadout UI will also be getting some love with better organization. Skills will be sorted into their appropriate categories (DPS, Tank, Heals) to make it easier for players to find what they need for a given situation.

Lastly, the biggest change in the blog is the newly revised quest system, which makes a number of changes to the system with the addition of open tagging and the substitution of the “Kill X Mob” goal with a new progress bar, which can be advanced more with stronger enemies for that given quest.

    • Creatures of varying difficulty can now count for more or less quest credit rather than every creature incrementing your kill count by one. Kill a Squirg? Maybe you earn 16% towards your quest objective. Take on a MEGASQUIRG DESTROYER™? Suddenly you've completed 40% of your quest with one badass kill.
    • Open tagging is now in the game. See a dude or dudette having trouble with a critter? Run over to help them take it down, and you'll both gain XP, quest credit, and loot for it. Even if you're not grouped with them!

Source: WildStar Wednesday

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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