EQHammer’s mistress of all things EverQuest has been keeping her ear close to the ground for anything even remotely close to new news or details about Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming EverQuest Next and Landmark titles. Sony just released a barrage of new information this week with beta details and pre-order packs for Landmark, many have been wondering if the title will be making the jump to Sony’s PlayStation 4 next gen console. While that’s still unclear, Shayalyn has come across a few interesting tidbits from SOE boss John Smedley as well as a very observant gamer on the EQNext subreddit.

Speaking with IGN, Smedley continued to tease and be vague about SOE's plans for EverQuest on the PlayStation 4 platform, but he did leave quite a bit to the imagination.

While previously stating it wasn't exploring EverQuest Next on PS4 just yet, Sony may have an alternative plan in place.

“Although we haven’t specifically made any announcements, we will be bringing our major stuff over there [on PS4], including EverQuest," Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley told IGN. "We’re not talking exactly about what it would be, but let’s just say it would closely resemble EverQuest Next.” Its ForgeLight Engine, Smedley says, is running plenty fine on PS4, and has been for some time. SOE recently revealed EverQuest Next Landmark, a tool set separate from the MMO proper -- perhaps we'll see it, or something similar, make its way onto PS4.

To add fuel to that fire, EQNext subreddit user psychoxgf discovered and posted a musical link between two videos, noting the similarity between the EverQuest Next: Landmark teaser video and the PlayStation 4 video mocking the Xbox One’s inability to easily share games prior to its changes. Pay close attention to the music.

And yes, that is Rupert Pope’s “Day One” in both videos. As Shayalyn notes, that could all just be coincidence with a bit of SOE screwing with us. But given that they have already announced DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 for the PlayStation 4, the latter of which uses the same ForgeLight engine as EverQuest Next and Landmark, it’s not unreasonable to assume that one or both of those titles could be making the jump to the console sometime in the future. Especially with so many other MMORPGs are making the leap.

Shayalyn has already put together a list of all the latest information for EverQuest Next: Landmark, so be sure to keep a check on EQHammer for all the latest news on the EverQuest franchise.

Source: EQHammer

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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