IGG has launched a new expansion for their free-to-play Wings of Destiny title. Dubbed “The Moonlight Island”, the update adds the new Moonlight Island region along with more customization options and the new Elevation system, which allows heroes to Transcend their equipment for greater power.

Patch notes are available on the Wings of Destiny website. Check out the press release after the break for more.

Wings of Destiny: A New Expansion –The Moonlight Island Released!

The Moonlight Island Beckons!

As we welcome the new year, a shipwrecked crew returns to Forrester with incredible news. An island has been discovered off the coasts. Moonlight Island, as the residents call it, is now at the center of a heated territorial dispute. The winner of this struggle will gain control the secrets that lay hidden beneath the island, secrets that are believed to be tied to the fate of the Wings of Destiny (http://wod.igg.com)...

The King has sent out a call for the heroes of Galensya to set sail for the north and bring peace to the once-tranquil Moonlight Island. This brand new adventure awaits you!

More Customization, New Features!

Wings of Destiny enjoyed a fantastic 2012 and we want to keep bringing you awesome new content and features to show you how much we appreciate all of our amazing players!

That’s why 2013 promises to take Wings of Destiny to great new heights! The Vestiges of the Empire updates are already underway, and we’ll will kick off the New Year with the 3rd phase of the expansion, with even more features to help players customize their heroes!

Dressed To Kill!

2013 will be a year of "killer” fashion with the introduction of the Costume Fusing feature! Raise the Level and bonus attributes of your favorite costume pieces by merging multiple items together. Not only will you maximize on your hottest look with this brand new feature, none of your old gear will ever go to waste again!


Transcendence and its 8 new advanced classes made the greatest game-changer to date. Now, it’s time to get ready for Elevation, a powerful new system that will turn up some serious heat in the PvP Arenas this New Year’s.

We don’t want to give away all the surprises, but we can tell you that this amazing new feature will allow Transcended heroes to enhance your equipment to even greater levels than ever before! Try it to find out.

New Year, New Tricks!

Heroes aren't the only ones getting all the attention. In fact, your pets will also get their own makeover with the new Pet Skills! Learn and hone special skills to make your Pet an even better companion in the heat of battle!

Also keep an eye out for the powerful new crop of pets to help you battle evil: Fenix, Centaurian, Scylla, Efreet, Dantalian and Celestia! With all these new friends, 2013 is going to be a busy year!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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