Witcher III officially launches at 1AM in Warsaw, Poland. Where is that for you?

Well, let's break it down in regions:

North America

  • West Coast, British Columbia, Pacific (PST): 4PM
  • Mountain Time, Alberta, Wyoming, Colorado (MST): 5PM*
  • Texas, Saskatchewan, Mexico (most of it), Arkansas, Manitoba (CT): 6PM
  • New York, Atlanta, Ontario, Quebec, Ohio (EST): 7PM

I think it's 4PM in Arizona.


  • London, Dublin, Lagos: Midnight
  • Most of Europe: 1AM
  • Helsinki, Cairo, Budapest: 2AM


  • Bangkok: 6AM
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei: 7AM
  • Seoul, Tokyo: 8am

 Australia will have it at 9AM in Sydney and Brisbane.

You can pretty much figure the time out in your area by comparing where you're at to these landmarks. If you need more detailed times, check out this handy time event thing.

The Witcher III is available for preload. Once the clock strikes time, the executable will be available for download.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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