Wedded bliss while gaining rested XP!

Two EverQuest 2 players will be married at SOE Fan Faire... in game.

The SOE Fan Faire is a unique social event in which players of SOE’s most popular titles congregate to meet their online, game-playing peers. Adding to the festivities, this year’s Fan Faire will host the first-ever live and virtual wedding ceremony for two attendees who are avid players of the top-selling SOE title EverQuest II. During the ceremony, the couple will simultaneously exchange live and virtual vows through their EverQuest II avatars at computers perched on the altar. Costume clad and officiated by a pastor, this wedding will be broadcast on huge screens and will be witnessed by thousands of video game enthusiasts during the event’s Grand Banquet. In addition to the wedding and continuing the Fan Faire tradition, this year’s event boasts a plethora of game-themed live events including tournaments, contests, live quests, a variety of panel discussions and tons of great gaming related prizes. Attendees will also have the exclusive opportunity to preview upcoming titles and features from SOE.

Interesting stuff.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016