, a free-to-play
offering from IGG, released more info today on the upcoming content
addition 5.0 "Glory of the Empire". The new version will allow players
to explore the Persian and Roman empires as well as interact with some
rather famous historical figures such as Cleopatra and even Caesar
himself. We were also privy to some screens of the new areas, the
images are below for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the official word from the developers:

developers of Wonderland Online have finished the bulk of their work on
the version 5.0: Glory of the Empire. They are now focusing their
efforts on testing the new version. In it two more empires are being
added to the map: Persia and Rome. In addition, players will get to
play in the expanded ancient Greek battlefields. With all the new
content, players can start fresh and build up characters to rival even
the legendary Caesar.

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graphics include many of the classic marvels of Roman architecture.
These unique settings and visuals were meticulously designed with an
eye toward historical accuracy, so players can feel immersed in the
world of that once-dominant empire. PvPers will especially enjoy taking
part in gladiatorial combat in the stunning Colosseum.

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but what is Caesar’s Rome without the political machinations
of the beautiful and daring Cleopatra? In Wonderland Online, players
will meet the great Egyptian queen and find out just how unpredictable
the legendary monarch could be.

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addition to vast new lands, players will find tons of mysterious new
quests, more fantastic architecture, and plenty of history-making
heroes when they venture into Wonderland Online version 5.0: Glory of
the Empire.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016