Players in Europe will have a chance to get their hands on the latest World of Tanks update today with 8.7. The update brings the new Severogorsk winter map to the battlefield rotation along with new Soviet & British tanks, including the Sexton, Bishop and the Crusader along with several post-World War II prototypes.

The update rolls out to European servers today. North American players will see the update deployed on July 29th with Korean and Southeast Asia players getting the release by the end of the month. For now, you can check out the EU patch note highlights along with the new trailer below.

Source: Wargaming Press Release

World of Tanks Update 8.7 Highlights

Welcome to the 8.7 update overview for World of Tanks! This guide outlines new vehicles and features introduced with the latest version.

Update 8.7 brings a new branch to the British tech tree with nine Self- Propelled Guns designed and developed by British Engineers.

The Soviet T-50-2 light tank has been replaced with the Tier 6 MT 25.

The German tree has been added the premium Tier 7 E-25 Tank Destroyer.

British SPG

The newly introduced branch of British Self-Propelled Guns begins with the Tier 2 Loyd Gun Carrier. Mounted with the Ordnance Q.F. 13-Pounder gun, the vehicle offers a decent rate of fire, but almost no armor and poor standard damage.

The Tier 3 Birch Gun was based on the medium Vickers Mark II tank. It features the Ordinance Q.F. 13-Pounder as its top gun and is equipped with a high-powered engine. The advantage of the Birch Gun over the Loyd Gun Carrier is additional mobility, a smaller hull, and rotating gun mount. The downside is weak armament and a small caliber gun.

The Tier 4 Sexton II is built on the base of the American M7 tank. The top gun on this machine is the Ordnance Q.F. 25 Pounder with solid rate of fire (6.98 rounds per minute), great average damage (280), and the accuracy of 0.66 meters.

The legendary Bishop joins the roster at Tier 5. The machine has the strong hull of the Valentine infantry tank and a powerful Q.F. 4.5 inch Howitzer gun. Downsides are poor horizontal elevation arc and mediocre gun range.

Tier 7 features the quick-firing and accurate Crusader 5.5 inch. The model’s major weakness is its insufficient armor.

Tiers 6, 8 and 9 introduce three post-war prototypes—the FV304, the FV207, and the FV3895.

Small and extremely agile, the Tier 6 FV304 Self-Propelled Gun is capable of accelerating up to 72 km/h. However, its armor is inferior to other Tier 6 models, and it only has the view range of 500m.

The Tier 8 prototype FV207 comes with an impressive horizontal elevation arc (up to 70°) and has gun traverse capacity of 25-35°in each direction. While it deals low damage for a Tier 8 SPG (the vehicle mounts the 152 mm caliber Q.F. 6 inch Mk V gun), it makes up for it with a solid rate of fire, accuracy, and aim time.

The Tier 9 FV3805 Self-Propelled gun is agile with its Centurion hull. Accurate and heavily armed (the machine is equipped with the 182 mm caliber BL 7.2-inch howitzer Mk.6), it can compete with the top tier British SPG Conqueror Gun Carriage.

The Tier 10 vehicle resembles its predecessor in terms of design, but supports a better gun—the BL 9.2-inch Howitzer. Main advantages are impressive shell dispersion (more than 1) and turret mounts for the gun. The vehicle is extremely sluggish (top speed 34 km/h), has below-average firing range, and low accuracy.

The British SPGs share hallmark traits with their tank brethren, featuring fast-firing, accurate guns that deliver low damage. Exceptional horizontal elevation arc and fully enclosed case mate designs make this line stand out.


The Soviet T-50-2 light tank was removed from the game and replaced with the Tier 6 MT-25 with better agility, stronger armor, and more horse power than the T-50-2.

The new German premium artillery E-25 boasts high damage per shot and benefits from a small silhouette. Its maneuverability is similar to the British AT-15A Tank Destroyer.

The update has added a new map battle arena with winter setting—Severogorsk.

Highway and Port have received upgraded rendering.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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