As much as I enjoy Archeology and flying around Azeroth in Swift Flight Form digging up … stuff, it annoys me no end that the artifacts you piece together … well they’re not worth much. After all, who wants to do fifteen minutes work for a measly 10 silver? It’s not the best rate of return playing World of Warcraft at the moment now is it?

Fortunately Blizzard is finally looking to adjust this problem in patch 4.0.6. Boubouille of MMO Champion has been busy trawling through the patch and has a VERY extensive list of artifacts and blue Zarhym has confirmed the fact that many grey items will be getting their sell price doubled. Put it this way, if you have or find Word of Empress Zoe in the next few weeks, you’ll kick yourself if you sell it to a vendor, right now it might be worth just 10g but shorty it’s gonna be worth a massive 1k. Nice.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016