For some reason, it always amuses me to see Bashiok, aka the infamous World of Warcraft Blue Formally Known as Drysc moonlighting from the Diablo III. This time, Bashiok is posting to let us all know about a change to do with Rated Battlegrounds. Previously, once you hit you’re limit of conquest points, there was little reason to continue killing other players. Not so any longer, check out what Bashiok has to say below:

We've recently made a change in an effort to promote continued play in Rated Battlegrounds. Now when a player is at their weekly Conquest cap they will receive the full amount of Honor from kills, objective completions, victories and losses while in a Rated Battleground match. Those not at their cap will continue to earn Conquest normally, and will only earn Honor once they reach their weekly cap.

Whether you’re capped and others on your team aren’t, or you’re all capped and just want to keep playing, we hope this change will allow more flexibility for those participating in Rated Battlegrounds.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016