Just when you thought it was too quiet, Blizzard has announced that tickets (costing $175) to this year’s BlizzCon will be going on sale on May 21st and 25th at 10am and 7pm PTD, respectively, while $500 tickets for the annual charity dinner will be on sale May 28th at 10am PDT.

BlizzCon is once again being held at the Anaheim Convention Centre and, as with every other year, you can expect these tickets to go faster than a Night Elf Druid with a Forsaken Rogue on their tail. If you’re gunning for a ticket, the normal BlizzCon tickets include entry to the event on both days, along with the usual goody bag full of swag. The BlizzCon Benefit tickets include signed art, a goody bag and a BlizzCon ticket, as well as dinner with the devs on Thursday 20th October.

The tickets are going to be sold via the Blizzard Store and Blizzard has also relaunched their official BlizzCon website. Anyone who can’t make it should also note they are once again offering Virtual Tickets at $39.99 although these won’t go on sale until nearer the time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016