Blizzard has announced that their latest World of Warcraft non-combat pet, the Cenarion Hatchling, has raised $1.9 million for the Japanese Earthquake relief effort.

Back when the Cenarion Hatchling was first announced, Blizzard generously decided to donate 100% of the $10 ‘adoption fee’ for any pets purchased until July 31st to help the survivors of the earthquake that hit off Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture earlier this year. It was the perfect way to donate money but also get something back, in the form of an adorable, reskinned hippogryph hatchling (originally found in the TCG). It obviously worked if so many people purchased the pet. It’s actually quite an amazing total when you consider the pet has been on sale just two months.

Now this period is over, you can still purchase the Hatchling if you haven’t done so already (or even gift one to a friend) but the money will now go to Blizzard. Even if the adoption fee is no longer headed to the Land of the Rising Sun, the Cenarion Hatchling is an awesome pet and it’s really nice to know that so many people gave for such an important cause.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016