The interwebs tells me there are just 341 days until Christmas. Seriously, I checked. Started shopping yet? Before you all start cursing my name and throwing things at me, there’s a reason I mention the festive period so soon after it ended. Yes, Blizzard has announced the winners of their desserts and card contests. Not all of them are World of Warcraft-related but they are all awesome.

First up, on the tasty front, are some awesome cakes (and muffins). While it’s nice to see someone from my neck of the woods among the winners (even more so if murlocs are involved), my favourite edible winner has to be the Deathwing destroying Stormwind cake - those wings are amazing! Click on the images on the winners page to see the cakes in their epic glory and keep clicking to see some of whom I presume are the runner’s up (my inner boomkin loves the Moonkin cake).

As is usual, on the card design front, the winners are really well done. That said, what is it about a laser-sighted Rudolph which appeals so much? Also I don’t think Deathwing’s gonna be getting any gifts from Greatfather Winter this year, he’s been a very naughty boy! Gratz to all the winners and click through for extra cards not included in the winner’s list.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016