World of Warcraft mount collectors - yes, I count myself among your ranks - it’s rejoicing time. Blizzard has officially announced two new PvP mounts will be implemented with Rage of the Firelands.

Alliance players will have the chance to get their mitts on the Vicious War Steed while Horde folks can earn themselves a Vicious War Wolf. These things have scary names and look even more awesome, they’re not something for the weakhearted. Both of the mounts are gained via PvP-related achievements but there’s an added sweetener as Zarhym explains:

In order to best accommodate players under the unique play style of Rated Battlegrounds, we’ll be offering all-new PvP ground mounts – the Vicious War Wolf (Horde) or Vicious War Steed (Alliance) – in a unique way. If you want to sit your knickers on these sweet new rides come patch 4.2, Rage of the Firelands, you must earn achievements for winning either 75, 150, or 300 Rated Battlegrounds. One account-bound mount will be awarded for each of these achievements earned, so if you win 300 Rated Battlegrounds with a character, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to give that character and two of your alts each a wolf or steed. Since these mounts are tied to each achievement and not to your placement on the competitive ladder, they will be awarded instantly rather than at the end of each season as with Arena mounts. Your Rated Battleground wins tracked for these achievements are cumulative and are not reset with each season, so you can work toward the reward at your own pace.

Rather cool, no? Whether you’re going to be PvPing for the Steed or the Wolf, the chance to donate one to a non-PVPing alt is definitely going to see a lot more players going for the Achievement.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016