Blizzard today averted a global catastrophe by releasing the long-awaited answers to their second World of Warcraft Creative Development Q and A.

According to Bashiok (aka the Blue Formally Known as Drysc), the Moon “recently sent some irate emails to our Creative Development team, threatening to vacate Earth's orbit if we didn't divulge the answers”. Obviously, in the interest of not destroying the Earth they’ve now made the answers public. The questions are mostly lore-centric with some classics like “Is Elune a Naaru?” (No, and don’t ask again.) and “Where is X?” (Being anyone from Calia Menethil to Med’an).

However they also answer questions about Archeology and how the Foresaken can channel the Light as well as more pedantic ones about races and whether the RPG books are canon (Nope). There are twenty six questions and answers, some are new, others are very old but all are fascinating, especially if you’re a lore fiend or just want to be able to win bets with your friends so go check them out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016