The rich lore of World of Warcraft continues with the latest racial leader short story. This time it’s the turn of new cow on the block, Baine Bloodhoof in “As Our Fathers Before Us”. This is the seventh story in the racial leaders collection and it’s fascinating to get behind the psyche of one of the less familiar characters.

Of all the new lore introduced in Cataclysm, the death of the Tauren leader Cairne was particularly hard for the Horde to bear. Everyone seemed to love the ancient Tauren leader his sudden demise has thrust his son into the limelight. This story focuses on Blaine’s tenuous leadership, the Tauren relationship with the Horde and how they deal with Garrosh’s leadership when the Goblins in Azshara poison the water supply that feeds Orgrimmar. This simple order has a butterfly effect on the Tauren and it's up to Baine and Hamuul Runetotem to deal with the problem while still keeping Cairne's promise to Thrall.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016