Sometimes terrible things happen in the real world that are so big, they cross over into World of Warcraft. After the earthquakes, tsunami and the problems at the Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima, Blizzard has decided to make a new and awesome pet - the Cenarian Hatchling - available to players, the proceeds of which will be going to help the relief effort in Japan.

The Hatchling is a reskin of the infamous Hippogryph Hatching found in the Trading Card Game but with the same - albeit super-deformed - look of the infamously expensive Cenarion Hippogryph mount you could buy back in TBC. The ‘adoption fee’ of $10/€10 will be going straight to the Red Cross’ relief effort, helping the people of Japan to recover from this horrendous disaster. Remember, you can buy a pet for yourself but also gift them to friends and 100% of the money goes to a fantastic cause, so get buying.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016