Blizzard launched the World of Warcraft Armory a couple of years ago and it’s transformed itself drastically from just a thing you use to check people’s gear on. Well it’s now become even more helpful, especially if you happen to be a pet or mount collector.

Blizzard has now added a new feature which lets you check out all those pets and mounts you or a friend has collected. They’re split into collected and not collected and you can also filter for land, flying or aquatic mounts. Even better - and this is my personal favourite feature - when you mouse over the little 3D models, you get an info box telling you where this pet came from so you can, in most cases, go and get one for yourself. For pets like the Winged Guardian (or Wingardium Leviosa, as it has been so nicknamed), you’re even linked to the Blizzard Store to buy it! It’s also rather handy to keep track of how many pets and mounts you need for the next achievement. So, go on, check it out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016