One of the best part about Azeroth is inviting your friends to come and play World of Warcraft with you. The Recruit-A-Friend promotion has been going for a while, offering free mounts, XP and the chance to help a newbie get the best start on their time in Azeroth.

But there was a caveat, everything stopped at level 60. That was fine during the days of TBC when there was only a few levels between the RAF cap and level cap. Now though, we’re looking at twenty five levels so Blizzard has wisely decided to update everything for a new expansion.

Blizzard has officially announced that the RAF benefits now extend to level 80. This includes XP, grantable levels to the referrer’s lowbie toons. Oh and yes, you can still get the awesome two-seater X-53 rocket. So, if you’ve got a friend who has been itching to join you then this is the time to invite them, especially if you have a couple of low-level alts waiting in the wings that you’ve been meaning to level up.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016