This weekend has been another busy one for World of Warcraft’s uber endgame raiders. Yes For The Horde and Paragon have been busy slaughtering Cho’gall on heroic with For the Horde claiming not only the world first for his demise but also the world pull - yes you read that right, a pull! - of Sinestra, prime consort of Deathwing!

What, I hear you cry? You’re blogging about a pull being more important than a world first. Well congratulations to all, great effort but the exiting stuff is yet to come. This is Sinestra. Remember back in Ulduar when Yoggy first went down and Algalon was revealed in all his starry glory? Well Cho’gall is Cataclysm’s Yogg Saron and Sinestra the new Algalon. Excited yet? Well you should be and if you’re not, check out this sneak peak.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016