Last month, we told you about how Cryptozoic Entertainment has expanded from just the WoW TCG into manga, specifically digital manga. They acquired the World of Warcraft manga back catalogue from TOKYOPOP and are now releasing it for the iPad.

In honour of this new venture, Cryptozoic has published an interview on their site with two members of Blizzard’s publishing team: Micky Neilson, publishing team lead and James Waugh, senior story developer.

While there’s not really anything new in the interview, it’s not designed for those of us who devour the lore, rather it’s for manga fans who might not be au fait with the complex ins and outs of the Blizzard universe. But it does give more info on how the series were created and is a great read for people who want to lean more about the behind the scenes stuff we might not normally we privy to.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016