In keeping with Blizzard’s new ‘blogging is cool’ outlook, World of Warcraft’s lead systems designer Greg Street (aka the beloved blue known as Ghostcrawler) has penned his first blog for the new community site entitled “Why Does Blizzard Hate Healers?”.

We've had blues posting before but this is the first time The Man Himself has descended to talk to us about game mechanics anywhere but the official forums, it’s also one of the longest posts I’ve ever seen from him. It’s more like an epic opus, an essay if you will, than just a blog post. The key point here is, Blizzard don’t actually hate healers but that doesn’t make their lives any easier. Ghostcrawler sums it up quite nicely in his last par:

To be clear, we don’t want healers to constantly run out of mana. We want them to run out of mana when they don’t play well. And we don’t want them to always fail. But we do want them to feel good when they are challenged, and overcome those challenges to succeed. When someone is wounded, we want healers to consider whether to use a slow, efficient heal (because they aren’t in immediate threat of dying) or a fast, expensive heal (because they are). That’s called triage, and it was notably missing from the Lich King healing environment. We think triage will make healing more fun. We’re making this change not to make healers sad by nerfing them, but to make healers happy by making the game more fun for them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016