Civilization V is one of those great, classic series that gamers go nuts over. The latest in a long series of turn-based strategy games, it was released on PC back in September and will be coming out for Macs on November 23rd. But wait, this is a World of Warcraft site, why do we care about Civ V?

Well Maze, over at, has been mixing his love of Civ V with a passion for WoW by creating a stunningly accurate map of vanilla Azeroth. This really does need to be seen to be appreciated, fortunately Maze has uploaded a wealth of screenshots of the map as well as a pair of zip files containing the maps so you can try them for yourself.

Because we normally only see each individual zone in that classic fantasy map style, seeing Azeroth in glorious 3-D is always stunning. I’ve not been this impressed since folks on the MMO Champion boards took the new Cataclysm maps and stitched them all together into a megamap.

Maze has spent a lot of time on these, aiming to make them as accurate as possible and the real country you pick will determine where in Azeroth you’ll start so if you play as Japan, for example, you’ll find yourself starting in the Hinterlands while India will start in Mulgore. The floating overview allows you to really appreciate how Azeroth looks as a world map and it’s gorgeous. So what are you waiting for? Go download the maps already!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016