Various members of Blizzard’s fansite program have been reporting that Activision-Blizzard had their Q3 earnings call last week. As expected, the conference call revealed some interesting information about the next World of Warcraft charity pet, the Moonkin Hatchling, that was revealed at last month’s BlizzCon.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard’s CEO, reiterated that the pet will go on sale later this month and also confirmed it is being released to raise money for charity. 50% of the revenue will be donated to a charity. Although he didn’t specify which one, I’m guessing that will be the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity Blizzard has worked with before, donating $1.1 million - proceeds from the Pandaren Monk - in 2009.

While there are no models of the Moonkin Hatchling yet, the icons have been datamined by MMO Champion revealing there is likely to be a Horde and an Alliance version. That alone means we can guess what they look like and who - especially anyone who plays a Balance Druid - doesn’t want a cute and cuddly owlbear to keep them company, especially when you know your dollars are going to a good cause? One of my toons is a Boomkin and I can’t wait to have my very own Mini Me! At any rate, we'll be sure to let you when the new models surface and the Moonkin Hatchling goes on sale, so stay tuned!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016