Back in the days of classic World of Warcraft, Old Ironforge was the holy grail hidden in plain sight for players, like me, who wanted to explore secret places. Yes, you’ve climbed Mount Ironforge, snuck into Hyjal, you even went into the Ghostlands before it officially existed. Old Ironforge was the pinnacle, a place everyone knew existed but few knew how to get in to.

Yes, that door that was added with Cataclysm, well now it’s open - on the PTR at least. The area received a second redesign during Cataclysm but - while important in lore - never made it into the game which is odd given Magni’s role as leader of the Dwarves. Well now, if you have the PTR, you can go down there and see Magni for yourself. Just try not to fall into the lava as it’s impossible to get out. If you don’t, check out TotalBiscuit’s video of the area.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016