On Thursday, I mentioned how Paragon had claimed the world first slaughter of Sinestra, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s optional heroic boss. Well they’ve posted a video of the encounter on YouTube and it’s fascinating to watch. Sinestra’s HP is eye-wateringly high at a whopping 128 MILLION (insert a Doctor Evil reference here) HP. Criky, that’s a seriously scary number, almost as terrifying as her in-game model. Seriously, it’s a tad too creepy for my tastes; an uglier version of Kil'Jaeden with serious draconic overtones.

The video itself is nicely done with various perspectives and an intro which includes soundbites from all the previous bosses and a fly-through of the Bastion of Twilight itself. Plus there’s plenty of Two Steps from Hell used in the soundtrack. I’m a huge fan of videos which aren’t just about killing something bigger than you, little touches like music and intros really make an encounter video. Awesome stuff. The video is posted below for your enjoyment, but, be warned there are some lore-related spoilers!

In other Sinestra-related news, EU guild Method has claimed the second world kill of Deathwing's remaining consort. Gratz to them!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016