The patch notes for World of Warcraft's Patch 6.1 have been updated, so it's about time we do a quick overview of what's coming up. If you want the full details, grab a coffee and head over here, but if you just want to keep an eye on what's coming up, then check out below.

Major Changes

The following "major" changes are coming in the patch:

  • Accounts with an inactive subscription can still login, but have all of the same restrictions that a starter edition has, although you can join guilds that any character on the account is already a member in.
  • Advanced Graphic Options: New lightin in Draenor, MSAA/SSAA Anti-Aliasing options are coming, and new ambient occlusion using HBAO+.
  • Twitter integration, Blood Elf model, and heirloom collections tab will be in.
  • Tier 3 garrisons will get one of five daily visitors to do a random quest from. Garrison will host raid bosses from drops from the random quest givers. Tons of new follower updates, missions, and UI improvements, along with work order improvements. 
  • Transformations now stack and can apply to Druids in cat form (high five cat form Druids).
  • Avoidance, Speed, and Leech are four times as potent.

Minor Changes

  • Bazillion class changes, including a nerf to Power Word: Shield.
  • Battlegrounds reward proper XP again at lower levels.
  • The timer for Tremblade / Volrath in Ashran has been decreased to 10 minutes.
  • New colorblind options are in.

Garrison Details

Garrisons are getting the biggest update. Here is a brief overview of the cool garrison updates:

  • Visitors - Daily quest givers, a new one each day. Can give you a dungeon boss quest, raid boss quest (weekly), bounty (3 player or more) quest, relic (series of quests), or profession (turn-in reagents for Prime Spirits and other reagents).
  • Raid / World Boss Summons - Random chance item from the above quests will let you summon a 10 to 40 player (scaling) boss in your garrison.
  • Music Box - Construct this device to choose your music in your garrison.
  • Vendor - Convert resources into rare missions / follower upgrades.
  • Treasure Hunter & ilvl 675 - Treasure Hunter skill allows for more gold and followers can upgrade to ilvl 675.
  • Follower Missions - New missions are coming in a variety of fields. Starting with profession missions, which reward an item to instantly complete a work order. Relic / Bounty mission unlocks. Explorationmissions for Archology (with new vendors). Scouting missions that unlock Apexis Crystal missions. Raid Missions that unlock ilvl 665/680/690 items. Random missions that award gold, Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, or Augmentation runes. Level 100 resource missions.
  • Lower level (90-94) gold / garrison resource missions now spawn even if all folllowers are above 90-94.
  • Work Orders now check every 4 hours for a follower to adjust production bonuses and assigned followers now receive XP.
  • Mage Tower can now do work orders for Apexis Crystals
  • Platinum rating now available in Garrison Invasions.

There is a lot more to the update, but these are the things that stuck out for me! Stay tuned for more changes coming to these patch notes as players consume the content on the PTR and provide feedback back to Blizzard.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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