Right now on the Public Test Realm is the current Warlords of Draenor pre-patch. If you haven't been able to participate in the beta testing yet, you will be able to check out some of the changes, such as the new character models. It is encouraged to copy your current max-level character over to PTS to help test the new content that will become part of the game come November 13. Since this is a test patch, everything currently on PTS is subject to change before it is moved over to production servers.

One of the notes that I'm super excited about is that tradeskill materials now stack to 200, instead of eye-gouging 20. My brain will no longer spastically itch as I try to fight my bank space. Overall, stats have been completely rearranged. Agility, Strength and Intellect have been reworked to all be more in line with each other. Stats have been “squished,” which I take to mean you won't have something absurd like 800k hit points for a Mage. I look forward to those +3 INT bracers from LBRS becoming a hot commodity once again. OK, maybe not, but damn that set looks nice on a Priest.

Beginning Friday, November 21 and lasting through Tuesday, January 6, Blizzard will be celebrating World of Warcraft's first decade. Most importantly, anyone logging in during this time gets a complimentary Molten Corgi to dominate their lives through severe cuteness. Or at least have a new, adorable pet to keep you company as you adventure through Azeroth. Reading the community's reaction, the corgi is definitely the most important announcement Blizzard has made in a really long time. I mean, corgis.

Other ways they are celebrating include a newly updated Molten Core that's available to level 100 players, and can be accessed through the Raid Finder. Raiders who fight their way successfully through the gauntlet and take out beefed up Ragnaros will find themselves the new owners of both a Core Hound mount and a Warlords of Draenor Raid Finder-quality helm. These are guaranteed rewards for participants during this time. Blizzard even created a guide for the return to Molten Core, which I might do because my Druid needs to look like a tree elf all over again and I have nothing to transmog my silly looking gear with.

If running around in Molten Core at level 100 for a rad new mount isn't your thing (probably because you hate fun, but who am I to judge), then you might be interested in the new battleground that will be put into the game. Another trip down memory lane is the Tarren Mill vs Southshore battle. As a new deathmatch, players will be able to clearly see who the winner is now, as they work on one of the two newly available titles: Tarren Mill Terror (Alliance) or Southshore Slayer (Horde). There will be two available brackets, for 90-99 level players and for 100 level players.

December 2 will bring the new rated season for PvP, although all of the new PvP activities will be available when Warlords is released. Also beginning December 2 will be the opening of Highmaul, the first new raid dungeon. This will be available for Normal and Heroic modes, with Raid Finder and Mythic modes coming December 9. If you haven't read the Dev Watercooler three-part series on raiding yet, the third one will be of interest for anyone who plans on raiding in Warlords. The full series is linked to at the end of the ten year anniversary preparations blog post.

Are you planning on celebrating World of Warcraft's tenth birthday? What are you looking forward to the most? Will you be working on Molten Core at level 100? What do you think about the class changes? Do you feel this positively or negatively impacts what you play? Let us know what your favorite class is and how you feel about the changes!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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