Just in case you haven't had enough cute for the day, know that World of Warcraft will soon have the cutest possible pet in existence: The Molten Corgi. Senior Developer Jonathan LeCraft, one of the brains behind Battle Pets, tweeted a couple of teaser pictures for a short-long four legged friend. It's been no secret that I've recently resubscribed to WoW after a three-year long hiatus, and despite my preconceived notions of a negative bias, I've been enjoying myself. Taking three years to side with the haters is probably exactly what I needed, because I'm loving that new 90 smell and being a complete newb again.

Speaking of preconceived notions, when I first heard of pet battles, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever. I ignored just about everything that came with the Mists of Pandara expansion, because everything about it seemed super lame. However, actually experiencing the content is a whole other story and I wish I didn't spend so long hating something that I had no first-hand knowledge of. Pet battles are a lot of fun, give you experience points and are a welcome break to the usual questing. Because I'm working on getting a few characters to 90 right now, I haven't gotten too far with pet battles, but oh man, do I ever have goals.

One of my favorite parts of playing MMOs is having that newb experience. Once I can get through content without thinking about it because I've gone through it so many times, I realize that it's no longer fun and my burnout for that particular game is impending. I don't find it frustrating when I don't know where to go and when I'm not sure how to do something correctly. Learning how to game is really exciting for me. Last week, my guild let me bring my first 90 as a charity case into Siege of Orgrimmar. They didn't know at the time (despite my pleas of mercy) that I had a sub-400 item level, meaning I died from area of effect damage and general stupidity because I didn't know what I was doing. They didn't mind that I spent 95% of the time as a pretty corpse and I had a blast experiencing the fights first hand. This is how I learn best in games – win or die trying. At least I do leave a beautiful corpse.

We had a great time together, I got some welfare epics and learned some new content. I'm slightly less of a scrub now and even managed to get my item level over 500 since then. Last night's raid, I died a whole 300% less. I do look like a clown car now in my druid's restoration gear, but hey, that's part of the entertainment value for me. From now on, I'm going to stop thinking that something's dumb before I experience it and give it a good try, and this is a good example why. I'm crazy-excited for Warlords of Draenor and everything that's coming with it. Even in my current state of MMOADD, I'm having fun with WoW and I'm a total sucker for corgis. How can I say no to their little molten faces??

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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