The Shattering should just be around the corner, the earthquakes are increasing and rampaging Elementals threaten the cities of Horde and Alliance alike. Something is very wrong in the World of Warcraft.

Initially we assumed 4.0.3 would herald the end of Azeroth as we know it but it’s looking even more likely that the actual patch - 4.0.3a - will be hitting this Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on your region. But what is in this patch?

Well an enterprising player by the name of Sammew sat down and compiled a list of what exactly the Shattering will include and it’s a pretty lengthy list. Even better, blue poster Zarhym then chimed in with extra clarification. The patch will also include the Cataclysm cinematic and login screen and talent resets for druids, paladins, priests and shaman. He also stated the leveling XP needed to go from 71 to 80 has also been reduced by 20%, making it that much easier for any folk who are leveling a toon in time for Cataclysm. Good news eh?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016