Korea heaps more awards on Blizzard.

It should be no surprise that a Blizzard game has received top honors in the Korea Game Industry Agency's Global Online Awards. Yes, World of Warcraft took top honors as the best role playing game. Apparently 11 million players may be on to something, and single day sales records of 2.8 million copies for this year's expansion probably didn't hurt the case for WoW being number one.

WoW wasn't the only MMO represented, City of Heroes/Villains received best adventure/action game and EVE online won best strategic simulation game. I may admit that "best strategic simulation" is really carving the genre down to a narrow slice, EVE definitely represents "best math tutorial while getting lasers shot at you."

Other categories and genres are represented at Gamasutra if you want to see how FIFA and Kartrider fared.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016