Here are the details from the Cataclysm panel, we'll be updating this live as it happens and we'll be having more detailed coverage later on.

Deathwing is from the WC2 expansion, one of the five dragonflights. He's an earthwarder that's suppose to protect the realm of earth.

Some stuff about the old gods. All of the world will be messed up.

The elementals are locked away when the world was forming. They're pretty mad.

Worgens are coming, they're pretty cool looking, and they had a lot of ideas for Alliance races. Since the time of Warcraft 3, Gilneas closed the Greymane wall to keep the plague away from them. They got pretty edgy when the scourge got close so a Dalaran wizard named Arugal was a patriot of Gilneas who summoned creatures that would fight the scourge from them. He summoned something as dangerous the scourge which were the worgen.

Are Worgens from somewhere or someWHEN else was mentioned.

3:48 EST Update

Worgen are equated to wolverine from X-men.

Goblins are from Kezan. They're broken up into trade cartels. Kezan is hit very hard by the cataclysm, they're driven out and shipwrecked off on the lost isles. They're a neutral race that are forced into the Horde.

Things are going to get "BAD" and goblins are going to be comic relief.

I don't know if it was a joke or not, their mount may be a gokart looking thing.

Upheaval is the next thing coming.

3:53 EST Update

There is a state of natural upheaval coming and new stress between the Alliance and Horde. He lured the people up north, screwed with their heads, and the people were pressed to the edge of their seats to defeat The Lich King. He will get what's coming to him, but people will leave a little bit of themselves up north still. The soldiers coming home will find the world isn't what it was when they come home. There are dark days coming ahead, but that shows heroism and brotherhood and fighting the good fight. The drama is going to be ramped up.

They saw this as the opportunity to bring the war back to warcraft.

New features. They're going to have a lot of new things to do (obviously). Level cap increased to level 85. They want a lot of new level up content for new characters and they want more ingame content then before. New new races that'll go over in the class panel. Worgen will get "Dark Flight" which is a sprint ability. Some guy just said rawr. They won't be Paladins or Priests.

4:01 EST Update

Goblins can release rockets out of the rocket belt (their racial). Goblins can be rogues.

Seven new zones.

Mount Hyjal, Kezan, Uldum, Sunken City of Vashj'ir (Underwater Zone), The Lost Isles & Gilneas (Starting Area), Twilight Highlands (Grim Batol), Deepholm (level up zone, similar to dragonblight, elemental zone, will go to from rupture in world).

Quest items will be updated, no more AGI/Spirit boots that make no sense.

New guild advancement system (game system panel will come go over this more). Everything the player does will contribute to the advancement of their guild. 20 guild levels. You'll be able to advance it by doing dailies, raids, battlegrounds, etc. That'll contribute the advancement to the guild and get access to a lot of perks that guilds will have a talent tree. You'll get cheaper repairs, less durability loss when you wipe in a raid, and some nifty things like mass resurrection after it wipes horribly.

New race/class comboes. Lots of boos. Holy cow, Tauren Paladins. Gnome Priest, Dwarf Shaman.

More phasing!

4:15 EST Update

Terrain itself can be phased now instead of just NPCS and stuff.

Archaeology (items panel will go into this more). Lots of ruins and stuff in the world of Azeroth. They can use them to research discovieres which will lead to the "Path of the Titans". They'll get items that they can give to groups to advance through the Paths of the Titans.

Paths of the Titans will be a new way to advance your character. You won't get any more than 51 point talents, but the trees won't be extended. You'll get five more points. Every player will get to choose what path they want to follow but there won't be any class limits. Example given is Rogues can choose any path and different Rogues can go on different paths. Passive bonuses will be offered.

Mastery System: Mastery System is a way to prune some of the complexity out of the talent tree. Some talents have too much stuff in them that is needed in cool talents to make them work. The Mastery System will take some of the power out of the talents to let them make cool talents, but you'll get the power from putting the points in that tree.

New dungeons, raids, etc.

Cataclysm reveals new lands and affects old favorites. Five adventure zones for level 78 to 85.

Some levels will be affected a lot, some might not be at all. Worgen/Goblin zones are from 1-15. You'll be able to fly everywhere. The leveling flow will be changed.

Southshore will be lost. You'll move from one zone to another instead of having to go everywhere. About five levels per zone. Things will feel different and be a new experience.

Barrens will be split in half right down the middle. Barrens will be regrown. The wailing cavens dude will regrow it.

Desolace is kind of a dark zone right now, but a lot of water has gotten in the zone that's allowed it to regrow.

Aumberdine is destroyed, forced to move north.

Zoram Strand is rebuilt as a Horde fortress. Garrosh means business.

Stonetalon Mountains. The goblins tear open the cave between Ashenvale and Stonetalon. Charred Vale walls broken down.

Goblins break down wall in Azshara, their new 10-20 zone.

Undercity is now flyable and rebuilt. All cities will be flyable.

Sunken City and Mount Hyjal are the starting zones which flow into Deepholme. Deepholm is the major quest hub that's similar to Dragonblight. You'll go to Uldum to Twilight Highlands.

Sunken City of Vashj'ir is on the ocean floor where Lady Vashj is from. It crashed on the sea floor for a number of years and only recently has it come to life. The Abyssal Maw will have two dungeons and be in the middle of it.

You can walk on the sea floor. When you want to swim you'll be able to, but you can walk on the ground too. Underwater mounts will be available.

4:22 EST Update

Deepholm will be underground (subterranean environment) and located on the elemental plane of earth. The cataclysm will caused by him breaking out. Temple of Earth is the main city and there will be portals to other zones.

Uldum will be Egyptian. Desert like zone with a river in the middle of it. Titan temples will be in Uldum. A titan machine has been hiding it, but the cataclysm destroys one of them. Brann Bronzebeard will be involved in it. It's the land of the Titans. It's rumored to hold a super weapon. Everyone wants the weapon. Home of the titan creation, the Tol'vir which is a new creature race of stone like cat people. This is their homeland.

It's all part of the titan storyline like with Ulduar.

Hyjal is up next.

4:30 EST Update

Hyjal is under siege by Ragnaros from the elemental plane of fire to burn the World Tree. You banish him back in the old world. "Too soon" jokes. You'll quest through a lot of that. Hyjal will have Malfurion who has woken from the Emerald dream. The armies of Cenerious will be there to defend the world tree. Malfurion is really mad. He's going to "get it on".

Darkwhisper Gorge will be part of Hyjal and taken over by Twilight's Hammer. Lots of phasing in Hyjal. Stuff will be on fire and you'll be working to stop that.

Twilight Highlands, last one. It's going to be east of Wetlands. Grim Batol will be coming in with this. Grim Batol will be sheared in half. He'll land and end up in there. You'll be able to quest through that. It'll be the headquarters of the Twilight's Hammer. Deathwing will be there and that'll be his base of operations. You'll get two new port towns. Red dragons will be there with a base too.

New flight, Twilight Dragonflight.

A ton of new dungeons and raids. More ingame content than ever before. The Firelands is going to be a raid. You'll go into the elemental planes of fire and fight Ragnaros and he'll be way stronger. An exterior Tol'vir dungeon and the Halls of Origination is another level up dungeon. Blackrock Caverns will be a new level up dungeon in Blackrock Spire. Deathwing's base outside of his main base.

Grim Batol will have a raid and a level up dungeon. Skywall will be a raid and dungon. Heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep. They'll be level 85 heroic dungeons. They will use the same art, new art and new abilities and new creatures.

The panel is over! Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer as we give detailed details of different panels in the coming hours and days!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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