What happens when a player gets their hands on a super uber GM item and more importantly, HOW did it happen? World of Warcraft players who have heard the rumor that Ulduar has been compromised by a cheater are wondering that very thing right now! WoW Insider has done a little investigation on the topic and has found some very interesting things that just don't seem quite right...

Cheater, indeed. Martin Fury is one of those mysterious, fascinating GM/Developer items that were never meant for player hands. Items you only saw on Wowhead, WoWDB, or Thottbot. The only way to even have a glimpse of them was via datamining. Karatechop, however, woke up one day to one sitting in his mailbox.

Such is temptation. With infinite power at your fingertips, could you resist using it? Karatechop couldn't, apparently. As the saying goes, power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That can certainly be applied to Karatechop here, but what of the person who awarded it to him? If this is an accident, it's on the list of most unlikely accidents ever.

WoW Insider has done a lot of good work getting to the bottom of this mystery. To read more of what they have found, please visit Wowinsider.com!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016