Love him or hate him, the fame of Ghostcrawler (the moniker of World of Warcraft lead systems designer Greg Street) is legendary and now you can find him in the beta in all his crabby glory! Even better, hunters can tame him and bend him to their will. Who knows what chaos this will cause!

Yes, Ghostcrawler, like famed blues Eyonix and Drysc before him, now has his very own in-game model: a rare elite 85 crab that can be found wandering the desolate wastes of Abyssal Depths in Vashj’ir. In the name of Ten Ton Hammer, I nipped down there on my Druid and spent half an hour looking for him to no avail. Annoyingly the zone is empty but for scuttling crabs, making it harder to find the world’s most beloved/hated dev than you’d think.

Not to worry though, Boubouille reports Ghostcrawler is tameable by hunters although you might want to watch out for a unique ability. Yes he comes equipped with Nerfbat which, in the words of the flavour text, reduces all skills ‘to the ground’! He also hits for 5.6k so be warned if you feel like going down there. I can see a lot of people - including me - will be hot-footing it down there, either to camp, kill or tame the little guy. Yes Ghostcrawler is set to become the must-have hunter pet of Cataclysm. Head on over to MMO Champion to check out where he spawns and have fun camping!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016