What do you mean the Oathkeeper isn't going to double in value?

With all of the world happenings in World of Warcraft (what you didn't know that Orgimmar and Stormwind are under attack?), today's maintenance may bring some new dastardly event. One thing Blizzard can do is build up to some spectacular events. Just when I think they've played all of their cards they come up with a whole new bag of cool tricks. So after today's maintenance expect that “something wicked this way comes.”

For those of you sitting at desks watching the Lich King countdown timer, head over to the WoW Economist for a quick read on what do with all of those BOE items you've been banking, Are they worth serious cash similar to when th Burning Crusade launched or as they say”

”Professions also got a huge upgrade in TBC, this made higher end gear available to the non-raiding player base. Epics also became readily available within Heroics and with Badges. Let us not forget the PVP gear you can pick up(a.k.a. Welfare Epics to some). Ultimately we’ve got a player base that is much better geared going into WoTLK than we had going into TBC.”

So maybe holding on and hoping for a quick buck when the expansion launches isn't your best use of bank space. Maybe there are other options (and there are). Stop by The WoW Economist for something to check out during the maintenance today.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016