Eyonix, a long time
Blizzard community manager, is taking his leave of Blizzard in search of other opportunities. Many early World of Warcraft players will remember him as one of the most active Blizzard employees in the WoW community from release to present.

Here's his goodbye post:

Eyonix (Link)

For nearly six years, we've shared our thoughts with one and other, we've laughed, we've argued, and we've cried -- the crying part was just me wasn't it? Those times, I'm afraid must come to an end as I've made the decision to explore opportunities outside of Blizzard.

It has very honestly been a huge pleasure, and I thank you all for allowing 'Eyonix' to always remain a very fond memory as I move on.

It can't be easy dealing with the personalities on the World of Warcraft forums all day every day. I wish Eyonix success in the future in what will hopefully be a less stressful job!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016