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FigurePrints is now offering FigurePrints Busts, the latest in its line of custom character statues. By focusing on the character’s head and shoulders, the busts are able to show greater detail in those areas than the original FigurePrints, and provide an impressive keepsake of your character wearing his or her latest and greatest gear. Busts are available for $69.99, and can be ordered now at the FigurePrints website.

Ever wished you could get a statue that captured the beauty or.. uniqueness of your World of Warcraft character? Ok, maybe not, but you can! Figureprints is offering highly customizable busts of WoW characters that can show your helm, cloak, tabard, and shoulders.

The bust comes customized with your character's name, and uses the Armory to get the proper hair, face, and skin color. The busts are $69.99 which isn't too steep for detailed WoW collectables. Check out for more information.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016