Blizzard takes first step to eliminating forums.

Nethaera has posted today in the World of Warcraft forums (ironic huh) that Blizzard will no longer host class forums, rather they will host "role" forums. Besides making no sense what-so-ever, the only conclusion I can reach is that they are moving to eliminate forums. This is the first shot across the bow before the forums finally (and mercifully) go away. Before I go any further, let's read what Neth has to say:

"With the upcoming release of Wrath of the Lich King and the many changes the expansion brings to classes and mechanics, we have decided to rearrange our forums to make it easier for players to hold constructive discussions. To that end, we have created three role-based forums -- Tanking, Damage Dealing, and Healing -- in place of the class forums. Why?

Common ground for common roles. The new structure provides central places for players of diverse classes and specs to discuss their common roles. Until now, there was no one obvious forum for a holy paladin to discuss Arena healing tactics with a restoration shaman, or for a protection warrior to talk tanking mechanics with a feral druid. This often led to splintered, fractured, and redundant discussions. In addition, the original class forum structure never properly took the impact of talents into account, lumping together a shadow priest and a holy priest (for example) when that didn’t necessarily make sense.

Celebrate diversity! While a tank tanks and a healer heals, the specific ways each class and talent build go about these roles are very distinct -- and the addition of new abilities in Wrath of the Lich King will continue to add even more ways to play. The new forum structure will still be a place for a frost mage (for example) to discuss tricks of the trade with other frost mages, while at the same time facilitating an understanding of the unique tools that rogues or other damage-dealers have to perform similar functions.

Help us help you. The new forums will also allow the community team and developers to follow discussions and gather feedback more effectively as the game continues to evolve -- which, ultimately, translates to a better World of Warcraft for you."

One quick response: I would argue that a shadow priest and a holy priest have more in common than a shadow priest and a mage, warlock, rogue, or hunter. Right?

If you turn your head and look at the Blizzard post from the corner of your eye you can see the outline of a middle finger. It's the weirdest thing. Let's say someone really likes playing a shaman (what a coincidence, so do I!). To keep the argument going, let's say that same person enjoys reading what others who play the shaman class are saying in the shaman forum. Said shaman lover who likes to change from healing to damage specs now has to sift through sites of "L2P Healer, UR DPS is OP" to find out if there are any shaman posts.

Who thought this was a good idea? Each class has multiple talent builds, why would I want to share a forum with the other wingnut classes and hear about their build issues? At least Blizzard left the door open in the post:

"*We definitely are not adverse to keeping the current class forums, and a major reason for the 1 week period is to allow for feedback and to have a buffer in case we decide to change plans."

I know the official forums are a cesspool and I shouldn't care, but sometimes I can't help myself. Do you care to share? Stop by and let's discuss.

--Update-- In a post this morning, Blizzard has recanted and will now add role-based forums in addition to the class forums. All is well, please pull forward.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016