has unveiled a new patch version
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As well as new patch href="">notes.

The signifgance is that this is the first PTR 3.2 build to include the
word retail, prior versions looked like this:  
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Does this mean we will be seeing the patch any time soon? I would
suspect that the patch will launch towards the beginning of Sept. to
coincide with the end of the arena season but Blizz may surprise us yet
and unveil it as soon as next week.

Below you will find the 3.2.0 PTR notes. Please bear in mind these
changes are not exhaustive and are subject to revision at any time
during the 3.2.0 testing phase.
-- When the 3.2.0 test realm notes are updated, we will attempt to
highlight any major changes here. Please note that, due to the manner
in which test realm patch updates are applied, some of these changes
may not appear until the next test build is released.
* The latest Isle of Conquest changes (not listed in notes) can be
found here:
* Update: 07.27 1:15 PM PDT
o Dungeons and Raids section updated: emblem changes moved from Items:
General section, daily dungeon emblem reward changed
o Paladins section updated: Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption
o User Interface section updated: casting bar and immunity to interrupt
effects note revised, "new feature" icon for recently-added user
interface features

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016