Blizzard slams their hands on the table like Phoenix Wright and screams "HOLD IT!" to every quest tracking addon out there. Afterward, they present evidence of their latest addition to the PTR, the Quest Tracking Feature thingy or something. I guess it doesn't have a cool name. Anyway, it works almost like Questhelper, except it doesn't integrate with TomTom, uses Blizzard's database instead of the userbase's database, and will be available to everyone as part of the default U.I. So now no one can go without finding Mankirk's Wife.

The map will show all areas of interest for the zone; however the other three interface panes will be removed so players can still view their character, spells, and abilities with the map open. The standard quest objectives window has been improved and will now show numbers next to each quest displayed, or a gold question mark if the quest has been completed.

The quest tracking preview is up on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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