Death Knight completes WoW, heads over to take on new game.

In yet another Kobayashi-esque endeavor, we now have a glutton for grinding that has taken a Death Knight to level 80 in World of Warcraft's latest expansion. In spite of the fact that the feat was accomplished on a European server which as we all know is cheating, the individual did complete the whole deal in less than three days. Not to be outdone by too many hours, a US server hoisted it's first level 80 DK a few hours later.

I appreciate competition, heck I revel in it. But this is almost scary. The min-maxers and game-beaters are in full effect. You know this person had mapped out the whole path and used outside helpers and have now completed something that not many others will replicate even if they speed up the leveling even more. Second, this may show how low Blizzard aimed in the latest expansion. With news of the 25 person Raids already being beaten has Blizzard lost their touch of delivering content? Or did they ever have it? I know there is no way to satiate the bottomless appetite of gamers, but you'd think that two years of development would have provided more than a week's worth of content. Is that over-stating it? Granted, I won't see the end-game anytime soon and I'm happy as a jaggal clam running around, but seriously, less than a week? I hope there are a slew of content patches teed up. Did Blizzard launch with enough content? Let's discuss in our forum.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016