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We’re glad to announce that registration for the 2010 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament is now open.

Now is the time to get your teammates together and get registered for the biggest online Arena competition World of Warcraft has to offer with a total cash pool of over $200,000!

The exclusive Armored Murloc in-game pet is an additional earnable reward for all participants and members of the top 1000 teams will also be given an exclusive title for their eligible live characters as well.

If you have any questions or would like more details, please read the FAQ, and remember to check back here for more updates.

Registration this year for the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament will require a $20 USD fee that you can pay when you log into your WoW account. This will allow you access to the Tournament Realm when they bring it online.

This year's tournament is expected to be unique and to deviate slightly from the format of previous years. It was originally rumoured that this year's tournament would include certain limited PvE items will be available for use by players. Items like the much sought after Icecrown Citadel trinkets like Deathbringer's Will and Dislodged Foreign Object. If true this would have given this year's tournament a more authentic kind of feeling -- an experience that would resemble the PvP experience that plays out on live realms every day.

Unfortunately based off the loot lists it doesn't seem like this will be the case. Nonetheless, the tournament will be a great place for Arena enthusiasts to face off against their counterparts from other battlegroups.

The FAQ is up here. It includes the loot list as well as other relevant information about the tournament so take a look if you might be interested in registering.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016