Well, I'm surprised it took this long! The EU guild Paragon killed The Lich King on heroic difficulty, 10 player. This is the world first for this fight, though Ensidia also completed the encounter on 10 player a bit later.

Paragon had this to say about the encounter, which was apparently bugged previous to the mini-patch released Tuesday:

We have now killed The Lich King on hard mode in 10-man Icecrown Citadel. Good job everyone who were on the kill and to all those who participated on the endless strategy discussion.

The encounter had a bug in the spirit phase, which we reported two weeks ago, but the bug didn't get fixed until today. The bug made the encounter somewhat harder. We had already worked our way around the spirit problem on last week's reset, so the kill was definitely within our grasp even without any extra attempts or buffs.

And just for clarification: we did have the +5% buff active on the kill.

Congratulations to Paragon, now only The Lich King on 25 player heroic remains. Might we see a kill later this week? Stay tuned.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016