Do have the write stuff? Do you like to have lots of people read what you write? Then now's the time to get writing and apply for a position as a volunteer writer for Ten Ton Hammer's Gods and Heroes division!

The only requirements are that you know how to express yourself in writing, and that you can commit to a mere 2 articles a month. You can write more if you like, but that will be a minimum expectation. Again, this is a volunteer position (unpaid), but we all have to start somewhere ;)

To apply, simply e-mail your forum name, and a brief article on one of the following topics to Charabis, here at the Ten Ton Hammer site. The articles should be as objective as possible, leaving the drawing of conclusions to the reader!

1) What do the longest lasting MMOs have that others don't?
2) The effects of modern MMOs on personal creativity.
3) The politics of MMOs.

The deadline for submissions will be June 1st, so start your writing!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016