Now you know what Grandpa was talking about.

Players of World War II Online have the chance to play for free, according

In an effort to get lapsed World War II Online players to return and check
out some of the game's recent improvements, all former players whose accounts
have been inactive for at least 180 days will be able to play free between
December 28 and January 2. Note that, according to the announcement some players
may return to find their character names changed or their ranks rolled back.

Starting today, all accounts that became inactive any time between December
'04 and today will be eligible for free play through the return of our 'Welcome
Back Soldier' program.


Here are some important details about the program:

- Free play starts December 28th and ends January 2nd

- Effective January 1st, 2006, ALL accounts inactive/unsubscribed for more
than 180 consecutive days become eligible for gamename transfer to an active/new

- All accounts inactive/unsubscribed for more than 90 consecutive days become
eligible for rank rollback.

Interested? Take
a look.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016