WWII Warfare has been getting a lot of new users recently, and to help with the new players joining the game, a new server is being opened. The new server is called '1941' and will welcome players by handing out Newbie Packs and holding server events.

WWII Warfare: New Server 1941 Arrives

As thousands of new players continue to join the modern world war two after the open beta of WWII Warfare began on April 20, 2009, WWII Warfare has released two servers in only one month. This week, the third server called 1941 was open to all players at 04:00 June 11 EDT.

To celebrate the launching of the new server, WWII Warfare officials will be handing out a collection of Newbie Pack that is worth $88 to all new players. These items included in the Newbie Pack will enhance player’s resource production, attack power and other military uses. As long as players create a new character, they will receive rewards.

Besides, a series of celebratory events will be held in the new server!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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