The economy may be crappy but Microsoft has apparently sold a crap ton of Xbox 360's widening it's lead with rival Sony and the Playstation 3. Claiming over 28 million units now sit in homes across the world it seems this is a hefty market for game developers to tap into. If that wasn't exciting enough, they also stated Xbox Live service increased 84% year over year meaning a lot more people are online. How long before we'll see Free to Play MMOGs available? We're betting it's sooner than you think unless you are thinking tomorrow. Be realistic.

Online consumer spending on Microsoft's Xbox Live online service increased 84 percent year-over-year and members of the Xbox Live community rose to over 17 million members at the end of 2008, the company said. Consumers have spent over $1 billion on Microsoft's Xbox Live online service since its launch for the 360 in 2005, according the Microsoft.

Source: Reuters

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016