Today Microsoft added on a new controller to their store, an Xbox One controller for the PC that connects over microUSB to USB. Pretty much as soon as someone gets excited that they can use a new Xbox One controller for their PC, they then realize that the current Xbox One controllers already work with PCs with driver updates. Once this realization sets in, we're left wondering exactly why two controllers, with the same functionality, are essentially just two different SKUs for stores to deal with. I'm filing this one under “What's the point, Microsoft?”

For anyone using an Xbox 360 controller (wired or wireless), the difference the between the 360 and the One controllers would be the D-Pad. While the updated pad allows for better control, the downside to this controller is that there is not a wireless dongle available for the PC. If wireless is your jam or important for you, stick with the 360 controller for now. Maybe we'll see a wireless solution come with the official Windows 9 announcement Microsoft is making on September 30? Or, would they just leave people stuck with wires. Personally, I prefer wired devices, because remembering to recharge or find new batteries annoys me to no end. My headset has a cord made for clumsy people and can be rolled over with a chair without issue. I'm glad there are devices for people like me.

Just look at how happy this guy is playing either an emulated Mario Bros or his Windows 8 tiled start screen.

Since I'm not into playing emulated games, I likely do not have any reason to pick up any Xbox controller. I'm comfortable with a mouse and keyboard, and they go just well with the type games I play. I'm boring and pretty much just play in MMOs, although I (poorly) dabble in Hearthstone. However, I do see this controller being handy with some of the newer games currently in development, since they do have cross-over design in mind. Elder Scrolls Online, which will be ported to next gen consoles shortly, already has combat with a console controller in mind. If folks want to play the PC version with an Xbox controller, they won't need to wait for the Elder Scrolls Online port to happen and can just get their groove on already with this controller. I could see this kind of controller working well with MOBAs, too, but you won't have the finesse of mouse turning.

Will you be picking up an Xbox One controller for your PC? Are you already using your Xbox One controller with your PC, since Microsoft added drivers for Windows? Do you see a difference in these two controllers, or is it all in the marketing? If you plan on getting one, what games would you use it for? What games would you like to see made to be controller friendly? Let us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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